Insulated Roller Garage Doors

An insulated roller door has all the benefits of the single skin roller door with a few more to add.
Insulated roller doors can be fitted internally and externally. So if you don't have the headroom in the garage it's not a problem. The headroom requirements start at eight inches(205mm) and go up to twelve inches(305mm). Insulated roller doors come automated as standard with a manual option available.

Insulated roller doors are for the security conscious. There are no handles or locks to pick(automated version) making it virtually impossible to gain access through your garage door.

They are made from powder coated aluminium with a polyurethane foam injected into each individual section of the roll giving you valuable insulation and acoustic benefits. Making the door very energy efficient, reduces heat loss and keeps outside noise to a minimum. Perfect if you want to use the garage as an extra room(playroom or office) without making structural changes. They come with three different types of safety equipment photo-cells, Safety edge and a light grid safety system all come with there own unique advantages. The closest thing to a maintenance free door.

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